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Some people tend to take their brake systems for granted, and don’t think much about it until there is a problem. I on the other hand tend to have the opposite opinion. As much as I like to go fast, I really like being able to stop.

Brake systems are actually pretty simple. The system works on the principle of hydraulics, and the incompressibility of brake fluid, with a combination of parts to do the actual work. But, the correct combination of parts working properly is what makes for a good brake system. Remember, not all parts are the same. What looks the same on the outside can be totally different on the inside. With this in mind, we with the help of our friends from Master Power Brakes are doing a series on troubleshooting your brake system. Our goal is to give you a systematic way to check the various components of your brake system to diagnose or rule out a problem with those components. Hopefully, leaving you with a brake system that works correctly so you can enjoy driving your car, and be safe at the same time.

We are going to start with brake boosters and pedal ratios. If you have power brakes, you have a brake booster. There are four main factors that can affect the performance of your power brake booster. There can be a problem with the booster itself, the amount of engine vacuum available, the check valve, or with the pedal ratio. Any one of these can cause your power brake system to have a hard pedal and poor braking. For a step-by-step explanation on checking your power booster click on the following pdf file. test.pdf

Pedal ratio is important whether you have power or manual brakes. Too high a pedal ratio with power brakes can cause overly sensitive brakes. Too low a pedal ratio will cause a hard pedal and poor braking. The same is true with manual brakes, although too high a pedal ratio is rarely a problem. For a step-by-step explanation on how to calculate pedal ratio just click on the following pdf file.

If you have any questions on booster or pedal ratio, feel free to drop us a line @ or call one of Master Power Brakes’ technicians @ 1-888-251-2353.

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